Sri Lankan heritage brand W M Mendis re-commences operations – empowers farmer community

W M Mendis & Co Ltd, a Sri Lankan heritage brand with a unique footprint in the industry for over 70 years, recommenced operations recently with an outreach that provides immediate economic empowering for over 15,000 farmers in the country.

The company commenced operations in 1947 with a wide array of products that showcased the growth and expertise of Sri Lankan blending. With the potential to showcase truly Sri Lankan products to the world, the Company has already entered the export market.

The heritage brand returns to the market at a time of challenging economic conditions with the country focused on increasing exports, bringing in foreign exchange and providing more Sri Lankan brands to the market, especially for the tourism industry.

Their market presence is expected to strengthen the unique flavours of Sri Lanka as a destination much sought after – affirming a distinctive range of products under the legacy of a 75 year old brand which is expected to contribute towards restoring its iconic status.

An extensive community outreach and building a sustainable local supply chain forms the core of the operations at W.M Mendis. The company hopes to provide direct and indirect employment opportunities for communities located in and around their plants, including the state-of-the-art plant located in Kalkudah.

The Company still uses it’s distinctive and traditional fermentation process, enhanced with modern manufacturing methods and stringent quality procedures, whilst preserving at the heart of its products, a legacy of old world charm that combines with up-to-date appeal and flavours, they point out.

W M Mendis & Co Ltd is hopeful of adding value to the Sri Lankan economy and contributing towards generating employment and ensuring a steady income for economically vulnerable communities, affirming a sustainable supply chain and maximizing exports.